Alexa Ranking for


We talk by actions not by words this proves again… and results are shining…you can see the growth and traffic rate on garve technologies website With our expertise you can also benefit and increase your Online Business, online presence. Just move ahead than your “competitor” 

Last article dated June 14, 2010 on Alexa ranking for (read here) we saw :

website achieved “8,684,212″ growth in rank.

Website rank World wide :  1,610,132 and in India: 69,550;


On 2nd July 2010

Website rank World wide :  841,975; and in India: 40,830;



source Alexa 

So there is clear jump of 412,417 during this month and 862,269 over all growth.


We have dedicated professional who work for boosting your Online Business.

Garve Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Internet Marketing solutions include:

  • Professional Website Design and Development
  • Website business barding
  • Website over all Maintenance
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Business Competitors analysis
  • Website Visitor/ Traffic analysis
  • ROI Enhancement

This is remarkable achievement. Garve Technologies has a dedicated team to SEO. If you want know more on our SEO expertise  please click here.


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