RSS Feeds – email marketing solution?

By: Larry L Miller

RSS is fast becoming the communication media that many online marketers are switching to. Many experts agree that RSS Feeds will one day replace email marketing and newsletters. Many marketers will be left behind when this switch occurs. If you haven’t made the switch your competition will pass you in page rank like a streak of lightning when this whole process has made the switch.

RSS The term RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. This is a process which can place a feed on your website that can read an RSS feed from your directory. Information distribution has become a rather simple process with the advent of RSS feeds in today’s marketing arena.

An RSS feed can put your headline to other multiple websites for countless people to see. Statistics show that more potential clients can be reached using RSS feed, and the more people who see your information the better chance you can market something to these individuals.

RSS is an XML based application which is quite similar to HTML which it the most common website creator application. Every site that I put an RSS feed on has definitely boosted sales on that site.

Google recently purchased the program called Feed Burner. This is a simple format that you can create a feed and place anywhere you want an RSS Feed. You feed will include the title or a headline, a brief description of the content of your site and the link where you can read the post. There are numerous web channel editors that you can utilize for reading an RSS Feed. Some programs just require you to write news and articles down on a notepad and when placed on the editor, it will show up with the necessary formatting ready for upload.

Once you have created your file, save the file as an XML, RSS or an RDF file. Use your favorite FTP client to upload to your web server. I personally like the free FileZilla ftp program. This program is simple to use and once you’ve used the program a few times you will wonder how you ever got along without this remarkable tool. Once you have completed the process above, now the file is readable by most RSS news aggregators.

Now that you’ve created a file, saved the file and made sure it works, now you’re ready to share your feed with the general public. The main function of an RSS feed is to broadcast your feed to all RSS enabled sites. By placing your feed in a directory you will start seeing some tremendous results from your feeds. Some directories require a fee for using their directory. Many are free, so check and see which will work best for you.

Place you RSS feed icon on everything you do online. You objective here of course is to get your information to as many users as possible. Your feed will change and update automatically every time you change the main file.

With RSS, you know that the feed changes automatically every time you change the main file. By adding new articles to your system on a regular basis you will quickly get the attention of your readers and the search engines with new content.

Check out the latest trend of owning your own article directory as part of your regular website by utilizing the concept of placing your directory as a third level domain. One huge advantage of this concept is that other authors will submit to your directory and you become the publisher. You will quickly generate countless links and back links with this method of linking.

Few individuals can fathom the benefits of this type of feed distribution. If you have questions regarding this concept, seek the services of the professionals.

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