Drupal: The Perfect CMS Solution

If you are looking for a versatile CMS software which can be used for any purpose such as a corporate website, a personal website, aficionado sites, social networking site, a gallery, a portal or a simple web property for any specific internal purpose; keeping the functionality simple to handle and maintain then, Drupal is the software which is just meant for you.

Using Drupal is easy. Being an open source CMS, i.e. its source code can be rendered easily without any fee is in wide demand. Of course, if you want some customization, which everyone needs, then you will be required to hire a company providing Drupal services. You can purchase various themes, modules, extensions and other specific components that are required to provide you a complete website; full of features and desired functionalities.

Like every other software, Drupal is also written in certain specific coding language and that is, PHP. It is friendly to almost all operating systems such as Windows, MAC, Linux and others. Its database system is MySQL. MySQl is used for storage purpose in Drupal.

Similar to the other CMS software, even Drupal has its own naming conventions. For example, a ‘node’ is referred to ‘page’ or ‘story’ which is predefined content types in Drupal. This is not all the flexibility of this software allows you to define your own naming conventions. Due to its flexibility and friendliness in developing a web property of your own choice is not at all impossible. The only thing required is your technical knowledge about the software.

Since, the use of Drupal can ask for heavy resources that is why, it is advisable to use dedicated server, in case, your website is expected to be flooded by traffic. But if your website is not that big and hosts moderate amount traffic then, you can use shared hosting as well.

Operating the admin panel is not that difficult and you can easily manage the content of your website. Uploading videos, audios, publishing posts, text, contents are the few of the activities which can be handled easily and does not require any technical knowledge. The only difficulty appears while installing the software and integrating it with your web site. But you can hire any Drupal service provider or a company and resolve this problem.

There can be complexity for non technical person during its installation, but it can be avoided by taking help from videos or tutorials. Or the best way is, if you are planning to prepare a professional website, hire a company which provides Drupal services.

Garve Technologies is an industry leader in providing bespoke CMS development solutions. It has a team of qualified Joomla developers, WordPress developers and Drupal developers who have solid experience in open source cms development. Please contact us for more details.

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  1. I love drupal more than joomla and I must agree that this is one of the best CMS there is now.


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