Ecommerce SEO Tips

About half of all search engine queries are unique. This statistic, although vague and seemingly insignificant, is actually the greatest factor behind why eCommerce Solutions fare so well in search. We interpret the statistic like this: Half of all searches cannot be predicted, the other half can be.

Great. So what does that have to do with eCommerce? The reason why eCommerce and SEO are better for each other than Forrest was for Jenny is due to the massive amount of content contained within the average eCommerce solution and that content’s ability to target both predictable and unpredictable (long-tail) search phrases.

eCommerce solutions have a major advantage over any other database driven site for a number of reasons.

  • Abundant Content: Unlike a blog, article directory or content managed site, thousands of search engine friendly pages can be literally uploaded and indexed by the search engines.
  • Easy Unique Content: A product or category page needs a few tech specs and a brief description. As long as that content is unique to the site, a webmaster can litter the search engines with products and categories. The time it would take for a blog or content managed site to reach that same level using unique content is staggering.
  • Targeting the Predictable & Unpredictable: Category pages can be targeted for predictable searches like “red widgets.” Product pages can capture the unpredictable ones like “red widgets with tassels”(provided they contain keyword-rich descriptions).So how can you make the most of your eCommerce solution in the search engines? As promised here is a list of 25 general tips.

    Most Importantly:

  • Pick the right solution: Get an eCommerce provider that allows you to do everything we mention in this list. And hey, what do you know? Bridgeline’s eCommerce Solution lets you do all of this… Crazy how that works out, no?

Onsite Optimization Tips

  • Unique title tags: The content contained within should not be repeated verbatim within the site.
  • Put your site name after the product or category name in the title tag: Use your site to Brand, use your search engine listing to get clicks.
  • Unique meta data: Take the time to make your meta data (description & keywords) unique for each page. Obviously, that can be tricky if you have 10,000 skus, so try and get your developer to populate that area with the product description.
  • Use H1 tags: And put your keywords in them. Go to your source. Search for ‘ </H1’>
  • Use more than manufacturer data: If your product pages only contain the specs and descriptions that your manufacturer provides, the search engines will lump that product page together with the hundreds of other ones out there with the same specs and descriptions, meaning it won’t find its way into the search engine result pages (SERPS).
  • Take the time to add unique copy to your product and category pages
  • Link to other products and categories from that copy
  • Use alt tags: I know. I heard too. They’re useless. Use them anyway. SEO is about a conglomeration of variables, not a single supreme one.
  • Have a clear category tree: Search engines like that.
  • Use a search engine friendly navigation: Text links are best. Don’t like text and want to use images? Make sure you use alt tags. Using flash or doing postbacks? Stop that!
  • Create an XML based sitemap and put it in Google webmaster tools

Offsite Optimization (Link Building) Tips

Link building is incredibly difficult for eCommerce sites because no one wants to link to your drop shipping site when they can link to the real thing or Here is what you need to know:

  • Build domain authority: Domain authority is basically a measure of the number of high quality sites linking to yours. The more the better. So how do you get those?
  • Buy them: The quickest, easiest way to get Domain authority is to buy it at Unfortunately, it ain’t cheap.
  • Take your unique products and promote them in the online community: Get out into the online community, target some top bloggers in or around your industry and try to get them talking about your unique product. Again, this doesn’t really work for drop shippers because no one is going to link to your site when there are more reputable ones out there to link to so…
  • Put Something On Your site worth linking to: Compile a great list of resources, make how-to videos, develop a calculator, or other custom tool. If your products aren’t unique and link-friendly, you’ll need some site content that is.
  • Submit to directories: If you go to the forums they’ll tell you to submit to hundreds or thousands of directories. Don’t. Those are not high quality links, they don’t transmit domain authority, and they’ll only waste your time… What you need to do is find lists that bloggers or independent webmasters have made. If you must, submit to the directories, but be certain they are specific to your industry.
  • Submit articles: Again, the forums will tell you to submit as many articles as humanly possible. What I’m telling you is this:
    • Write 3-5 quality articles on topics that people are talking about in your industry (like what I’m doing here).
    • Submit the articles to a bunch of article directories.
    • Link to those articles from your homepage.
    • Link to your homepage from those articles
    • Link Sculpt: Place a nofollow tag on any link that doesn’t point back to your homepage.
    • Go to relevant blogs and forums where topics pertaining to those articles are being discussed, and drop links back to them.
  • Link exchanges: Despite popular opinion, still work… just don’t go overboard.
  • Deep link: Meaning, repeat 1-6 for your major categories.
  • Buy blog reviews: Go to or and buy some reviews from RELEVANT bloggers and point them back at your category or product pages. You’ll see a boost. It won’t last forever, but it will leave you in better standing than you were in to begin.
  • Answer questions on forums: And link back to your site in the signature
  • Outsource to India: There are plenty of Indians looking to make a buck on forums like Digital Point. They’ll generally do everything that I just mentioned from 1-10 and they’ll do it for cheap.

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