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Top Browser Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Web design and development is a complex process that requires the designers to be fully engaged right from the initial stages of inspiration to designing, building, testing and finally the getting of feedback. It sounds like a tedious job but not difficult to accomplish.

With the introduction of CSS3 and HTML5, web design and development has experienced rapid growth over last 5 years. With the availability of latest backends and markups for the developers, it is easier to achieve designs that are now more interactive and allows greater connectivity and user interaction. There are now several tools available to the web development companies that can be put to great use for each stage of the web design and development process.

Without further adieu, following are the list of top 5 tools and resources for the web designers to create a functional website at ease:

Firebug – Firebug is a free and open-source browser tool that was originally started on the Firefox browser and recently copied for chrome.

Firebug has put an abundance of web development tools for the designers to use. They can monitor and edit CSS, JavaScript and HTML live on any webpage. Firebug is one of the popular and widely used tools by the web development companies.

Measure It – This tool allows you to measure the height and width of any area in a webpage, thus eliminating the need to image editors to get the height and width of that block.

Joomla – Joomla development is the best tool for effectively administrating the website. It is an effective CMS written in PHP and any developer with the knowledge of it can customize the Joomla add-ons and make it all the more functional.

Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver offer functionality and excellent core set of features that allow great web design all over the world and of any level. It is more like standalone software and utilized by most firms which are into web design and development services.

HTML Validator – HTML Validator uses a local HTML validiation tool to validate every page that is visited.

The results are displayed as an icon in the status bar with highlights and summary in the View Source window. This helps the developers identify any errors in the markup without the consulting the W3C validator all the time.