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Red Hat releases cloud computing software tools

Clouds get open source support
By Spencer Dalziel
LEADING LINUX VENDOR Red Hat has announced the release of several cloud computing tools in what it calls Cloud Foundation: Edition One.

The company said its customers can build private clouds using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization or VMware ESX Server. They can run and manage their own cloud datacentres or use Red Hat certified public cloud services like Amazon EC2. Customers can also use Red Hat’s open source interoperable cloud architecture so they won’t be tied to a single cloud computing service provider’s stack.

Red Hat claims Edition One is the first of several cloud offerings that will give its customers everything they’ll need to build and manage a private cloud software infrastructure.

“Just as we made Linux a safe place to run mission-critical applications with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we are focused on making the cloud a safe place for enterprise applications,” said Scott Crenshaw, VP and general manager of Red Hat’s cloud business unit.

“Red Hat is at the forefront of the industry with a broad portfolio of enterprise cloud solutions, and is driving the expansion of the cloud for new users, from developers to enterprises, with our expanded cloud offerings available today,” he observed.