Ecommerce SEO Tips

About half of all search engine queries are unique. This statistic, although vague and seemingly insignificant, is actually the greatest factor behind why eCommerce Solutions fare so well in search. We interpret the statistic like this: Half of all searches cannot be predicted, the other half can be.

Great. So what does that have to do with eCommerce? The reason why eCommerce and SEO are better for each other than Forrest was for Jenny is due to the massive amount of content contained within the average eCommerce solution and that content’s ability to target both predictable and unpredictable (long-tail) search phrases.

eCommerce solutions have a major advantage over any other database driven site for a number of reasons.

  • Abundant Content: Unlike a blog, article directory or content managed site, thousands of search engine friendly pages can be literally uploaded and indexed by the search engines.
  • Easy Unique Content: A product or category page needs a few tech specs and a brief description. As long as that content is unique to the site, a webmaster can litter the search engines with products and categories. The time it would take for a blog or content managed site to reach that same level using unique content is staggering.
  • Targeting the Predictable & Unpredictable: Category pages can be targeted for predictable searches like “red widgets.” Product pages can capture the unpredictable ones like “red widgets with tassels”(provided they contain keyword-rich descriptions).So how can you make the most of your eCommerce solution in the search engines? As promised here is a list of 25 general tips.

    Most Importantly:

  • Pick the right solution: Get an eCommerce provider that allows you to do everything we mention in this list. And hey, what do you know? Bridgeline’s eCommerce Solution lets you do all of this… Crazy how that works out, no?

Onsite Optimization Tips

  • Unique title tags: The content contained within should not be repeated verbatim within the site.
  • Put your site name after the product or category name in the title tag: Use your site to Brand, use your search engine listing to get clicks.
  • Unique meta data: Take the time to make your meta data (description & keywords) unique for each page. Obviously, that can be tricky if you have 10,000 skus, so try and get your developer to populate that area with the product description.
  • Use H1 tags: And put your keywords in them. Go to your source. Search for ‘ </H1’>
  • Use more than manufacturer data: If your product pages only contain the specs and descriptions that your manufacturer provides, the search engines will lump that product page together with the hundreds of other ones out there with the same specs and descriptions, meaning it won’t find its way into the search engine result pages (SERPS).
  • Take the time to add unique copy to your product and category pages
  • Link to other products and categories from that copy
  • Use alt tags: I know. I heard too. They’re useless. Use them anyway. SEO is about a conglomeration of variables, not a single supreme one.
  • Have a clear category tree: Search engines like that.
  • Use a search engine friendly navigation: Text links are best. Don’t like text and want to use images? Make sure you use alt tags. Using flash or doing postbacks? Stop that!
  • Create an XML based sitemap and put it in Google webmaster tools

Offsite Optimization (Link Building) Tips

Link building is incredibly difficult for eCommerce sites because no one wants to link to your drop shipping site when they can link to the real thing or Here is what you need to know:

  • Build domain authority: Domain authority is basically a measure of the number of high quality sites linking to yours. The more the better. So how do you get those?
  • Buy them: The quickest, easiest way to get Domain authority is to buy it at Unfortunately, it ain’t cheap.
  • Take your unique products and promote them in the online community: Get out into the online community, target some top bloggers in or around your industry and try to get them talking about your unique product. Again, this doesn’t really work for drop shippers because no one is going to link to your site when there are more reputable ones out there to link to so…
  • Put Something On Your site worth linking to: Compile a great list of resources, make how-to videos, develop a calculator, or other custom tool. If your products aren’t unique and link-friendly, you’ll need some site content that is.
  • Submit to directories: If you go to the forums they’ll tell you to submit to hundreds or thousands of directories. Don’t. Those are not high quality links, they don’t transmit domain authority, and they’ll only waste your time… What you need to do is find lists that bloggers or independent webmasters have made. If you must, submit to the directories, but be certain they are specific to your industry.
  • Submit articles: Again, the forums will tell you to submit as many articles as humanly possible. What I’m telling you is this:
    • Write 3-5 quality articles on topics that people are talking about in your industry (like what I’m doing here).
    • Submit the articles to a bunch of article directories.
    • Link to those articles from your homepage.
    • Link to your homepage from those articles
    • Link Sculpt: Place a nofollow tag on any link that doesn’t point back to your homepage.
    • Go to relevant blogs and forums where topics pertaining to those articles are being discussed, and drop links back to them.
  • Link exchanges: Despite popular opinion, still work… just don’t go overboard.
  • Deep link: Meaning, repeat 1-6 for your major categories.
  • Buy blog reviews: Go to or and buy some reviews from RELEVANT bloggers and point them back at your category or product pages. You’ll see a boost. It won’t last forever, but it will leave you in better standing than you were in to begin.
  • Answer questions on forums: And link back to your site in the signature
  • Outsource to India: There are plenty of Indians looking to make a buck on forums like Digital Point. They’ll generally do everything that I just mentioned from 1-10 and they’ll do it for cheap.

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Ecommerce Solution for Big and Small Business

Ecommerce means doing online business using the web. Ecommerce solution enables the website to provide online shopping services. Online shopping services can be applied to products sale or service sale. Ecommerce sites should possess shopping cart facilities and secure payment gateways to collect payments.

Ecommerce can be defined as a process to experiment with the retail world without the traditional upfront investment required in establishing a brick and mortar store. It avoids the time and cost in training sales people by opting for an ecommerce solution with planned inventory. Ecommerce templates are readily available for standard online shopping transactions. Ecommerce solutions handling complete online shopping requirement like eBay needs no online expertise to implement the solution.

Advantages of having an ecommerce website

  • It provides direct access to customers without middlemen. Higher profit on each transaction and direct interaction with the customers are direct benefits of ecommerce sites. Direct interaction with customers provides an opportunity to tune the products to customer needs
  • It provides exposure to more sales prospects. Though existing channels of distribution prevents stepping vigorously on the sales prospects, approaching different market segment is a possibility as the net provides an opportunity for international business. Ecommerce stems opportunities for innovation. Exposure provides an opportunity to explore the ideas of a better product and showcasing it for better sales.
  • It introduces new customers with multiple needs from global market. Presence in global market provides opportunities to move goods based on needs across continents. Ecommerce streamlines the internal process by reduction of the processes involved in a sale and hence effective cost saving on a permanent basis.
  • Ecommerce solution success lies in being part of the consideration list by ensuring visibility to buyers looking for products. Ensuring total automation helps in reserving expensive human resources for better utilization in strategizing business.

Ecommerce solutions for small business focus on the software to enable ecommerce on the site. Web hosting, security, shopping cart, credit card processing are important features to form a successful ecommerce solution for small business.

Ecommerce solutions for large companies concentrate on scalable models of software with design to supplement customizable e-commerce engine. Focus on ecommerce solutions for large companies’ lies in reducing cost and marketing time. Solutions for building and hosting internally are incorporated into ecommerce solution.

Solutions with ease of administration and fully functional shopping carts are the primary need for any ecommerce solution with flexible payments schedules.

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Ecommerce Website – How Can it Benefit You?

The Internet is now a thriving industry. With the knowledge advancing at a quick pace, more and more people are exposed to computers and internet. Increasingly they are learning to utilize the Internet for their day to day needs. Here Ecommerce websites take a front seat, moving out to the millions of people looking for your kind of product or services online.

Ecommerce or Electronic Commerce is actually trading of, either goods or services on the internet.

Before making any decision in business, it is worth taking into consideration the benefits, the company would reap on implementation of the new strategy of Ecommerce. Therefore, the most important thing that you must consider here is whether your business actually needs ecommerce?

Ecommerce-is it for you?
The advent of ecommerce websites has brought vast change in the process of purchasing and selling goods. In this regard, it is important to consider websites like ebay, amazon etc. They have broadly used the ecommerce procedure to generate sales revenue.

So, whether you already have a business or initiating a new one, whether the volume of your business is large or small, you can always generate profit by displaying your products or services online, thereby gaining a huge amount of viewer exposure. In a nutshell, just any selling/buying business can benefit by the ecommerce method.

How can an ecommerce website help you earn higher sales revenue?

There are several advantages of having an ecommerce website.

Revealation – Your products showcased on your website, provides a huge exposure to the millions of visitors on the web. For example, if you have a computer showroom in a city, the visitors would include people from in and around the city. Once in a while there will be visitors from places outside your city. Thus limiting your product visibility. On the other hand, if your products are demonstrated on a website, it attaches you to the abundant people who access the internet and looking for similar product as that of yours. Time and Convenience – Time is one of the critical factor in our lives now-a-days. A customer may find it difficult to visit your store physically every time. Instead, if you have your store presented on the Internet, anyone can pay a visit to your online store at their expedient time. Your store closes at some point of time. But your e-store works 24X7 for you to bring in customers.

Moreover, with all your product images and descriptions provided on your estore, the customer gets a meticulous idea about your product and you do not have to spend time briefing the same thing to each and every visitor to your store. Moreover, it greatly saves time consumed per transaction. Any sales executive will definitely take some time to illustrate your product to each customer. Your ecommerce website carries out similar job to hundreds and thousands of your potential customers at the same time. As all the information about your product are provided earlier to your customer’s visit, much less time is required to convey the benefits of your product to them, thereby making it easier to close the deal. Thus, many number of transactions can occur within a day.

Presenting your Product through Demonstrations and illustrations, depicts a clear and thorough idea about your product without the effort of hiring and training personnel to do so.

Cost Effective – Setting up and maintaining a store in a prime location and its overhead expenses, hiring personnel etc costs you a lot of money. Alternatively using the ecommerce is a more efficient way of demonstrating and giving information about your products. In addition promotion of your store and its products needs to be carried out from time-to-time. Using web as a media of advertising your website, is much cheaper compared to that of other audio-visual medias, like radio or TV. In an ecommerce website all you need to have is a top-notch website design, that looks equally capable as your competitor, Search Engine Optimization to rank your website with your other competitors, and the annual hosting fees. Generally speaking, there are no major barrier of Ecommerce websites. Gradually, many people are beginning to comprehend the fact that, ecommerce is an extremely feasible means of purchase as compared to the age old traditional process of buying. Thus, with this ever emerging technology, ecommerce will continue to mature globally and in due course become a key business strategy that has to be adopted, to thrive in the fast-growing market and keep abreast with your competitors.

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Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

A shopping cart is the best solution to transfer information to a payment gateway through a reliable connector. Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions have helped numerous people to achieve more number of orders in quicker time. Usually this solution comes as a complete package. If you opt for an Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions, you will not have to bother about any extra software. As Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions have proved to be of great help over time, there has been an increase in demand of Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions. Anybody may require an Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions. However you should be conscious while purchasing an Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions. It has a lot of advantages

Prompt service

In case of certain products, the company may promise you to deliver a product on a certain day, but often fail to keep their promise. Shopping carts are easily available and the software is easily understandable and easy to use.

Auto responder is extremely good

The efficiency of the shopping cart highly depends on the auto responder. The auto responder delivers automated messages, email or newsletters to the clients. It plays a great role in managing the mails and important messages in your online business. It is a very proficient way to maintain connections with your clients. Your business connections solely depend on this auto responder. The auto responder in this case not only saves time but also helps you to develop your business at large. So check out if your Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution comes with an efficient auto responder.

Flexible in terms of upgrading

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions are usually flexible in terms of up gradation. They allow you to customize it according to your requirement. You may change the designs or modify it according to your comfort. While you are purchasing your own shopping car, visit the site and check out the different functions and the features, the shopping cart would allow. Also get confirmed if it is upgradeable. In this fast changing world, the web trend is changing almost everyday. It may not be possible for you to change your Shopping Cart accordingly, so research on this factor before you finally purchase the product.

Overall Ecommerce Shopping Cart softwares are flexible and can be easily modified. As it is generally based on PHP Smarty templates, the software allows better flexibility. They offer web friendly, flexible and integrated Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions.

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Choose Right Ecommerce Shopping Cart

When the business starts conducting transactions online, customer should be able to browse around-similar to how they browse for his/her product in a grocery store. He/ she might able to place, remove, modify (change there brand) there product items from there grocery basket according to their changing state of mind. In online shopping customer is allowed to have same level of comfort & flexibility with an ecommerce shopping cart.

1282202942_shopping_cartThe grocery shopping basket, an ecommerce shopping cart is capable of far more functionality. This article will provide you some quick tips that you should consider while purchasing a shopping cart for your online business.

Calculate your budget: first step while purchasing a shopping cart is figuring out how much money your business can afford to pay for a shopping cart because ecommerce shopping carts come in many taste and colors. Some shopping carts are extremely vigorous and offer lots & lots of functionality which you may never use. Other shopping carts come with no pomp & show, with just enough flexibility to start selling your products online. Your shopping lies somewhere in between them. Therefore your budget sets the number of flavor & colors you will be adding in your shopping cart.

Identify Your Needs: It is very difficult to predict how your business will react to transactions online in coming years, analyzing your current and future short-term needs is critical to finding the right shopping cart . If your business needs a simple low-cost shopping cart, many services exist that offer to provide you a hosted option for as little as $20-$25 a month. However, if you need a solution that is more complex than those offered by such services, you may need to purchase a shopping cart that is more vigorous (and costly).

Identify your options: Your business can grow rapidly by using lot of extra functionality which is available with ecommerce shopping carts. Unless you plan to simply sell a few products online, you should consider using these options to grow your business.


  • Creation of customized affiliate program through your shopping cart.
  • Integration of QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Other features include customized taxing options for adding tax rates for purchases made from various countries, the ability to send out newsletters, and support for different currencies.

Understand the options that are available to you and try to anticipate how your business can take advantage of them.

Consider Your Gateway to Sales: Shopping carts use an online gateway to charge transactions to credit cards in real-time using a business’ merchant account. The problem is that not all shopping carts support all merchant accounts. So, you may find yourself integrating a shopping cart into your online business that refuses to process transactions using your merchant account. To avoid this, research which carts support which credit card order processing companies. An ecommerce shopping cart can allow your business to operate and grow smoothly online.

Considering these simple tips, you can make a knowledgeable decision and purchase the best ecommerce shopping cart for your business.

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An Effective Use of WordPress

WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging packages on the Internet; this is largely due to its ease of use and its object oriented design which allows the user to easily extend its capabilities in the form of WordPress Plugins. The WordPress plugins repository is a high-availability set of development tools — a wiki, version control using Subversion, and bug tracker — that aims to nurture the active WordPress development community.

Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs. Plugins are one of the most valuable elements of WordPress as a platform. You can download a fresh version of WordPress with the plugins you select, or just a zip of all your favorite plugins. More and more plugins are starting to use AJAX techniques. For any WordPress user, plugins are essential. Luckily there is already a few plugins out there for that, but sometimes your readers will suggest something that has yet to be implemented as a plugin. Semiologic CMS is a set of plugins and themes for WordPress that work together to turn a WordPress blog into more of a content management system. Each plugin is activated separately, so if you want to use a couple of the plugins, you can do so without running the plugins you don’t want.

Tags in the Head is a WordPress plugin that attempts to make your website both more machine and human readable by using the ‘Tags’ you specify as META keywords in a page’s header. When using this plugin, you can use the WordPress’ categories as tags — no additional tagging plugin is needed. Some search engines are supposed to love this tag, so I guess we should, too. This plugin is extremely easy to install and it will create a dynamic Meta Description Tag for every page on your blog, based on post excerpts or on the first words of the page.

WP-FLV is a plugin to help you add flash video to your WordPress site. It holds the URL to your Flash Video file. For instance generate a list of video links rather then show the player. It was really easy to get this running, and I think it looks more professional then most of the non free flash video players. It is easy to simply pop it up, but its hard to specify the sizes of the windows they open in, especially when all the videos have different resolutions.

Adsense Deluxe allows you to automatically insert Google Adsense with ease. Adsense-Deluxe allows you to test your Adsense styles without having to edit your WordPress templates. There are a lot of ways you can add ads to your WordPress blog. Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program. WordPress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins.

Social Bookmark Plugin : Make it easy for users to bookmark your posts in del. Socializer is way to submit your post to all of the social bookmark networks at once. It include 37 social bookmark networks (digg, de. Bookmark Me by Denis de BernardyLists links to common social bookmarking sites. This is an excellent way to promote your articles on one of the most popular social bookmarking sites around. This plugin is very useful for handling sudden bursts of traffic coming from social bookmarking sites like Digg and Slashdot. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress plugins available for download. Top 10 Underrated WordPress Plugins those plugins are certainly awesome, but there are many others out there that can be life savers, and people often neglect them.

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WordPress- A Full Fledged Content Management System

One Content Management platform which is used and liked by everyone is WordPress. Reasons being its easy to use features and functionality due to which it has a cquired a huge user-base. Before WordPress 3.0, it was considered as the best blogging platform. But after the arrival of WordPress 3.0, the tag of ”best blogging platform and unfit for making fully-functional websites” is removed from WordPress. It has emerged as a boon to all non geeks in the world of web designing. Though there are many other free and paid CMS available in the market but using WordPress solutions can improve user’s online experience. We have enlisted few factors that why we should prefer to use WordPress than other CMS:

  1. It is completely free of cost. In the initial stages of business, cost cutting strategy looks pretty good, so using WordPress as CMS can really prove cost effective while getting your work done by the best of CMS. The money saved here, can be invested in other services like website design and development.
  2. It has an easy to use interface for which you don’t need to hire HTML programmers. Rather, it can be easily handled and managed by staff members of the organization. To work on this, you do not require knowledge of HTML or any other kind of coding.
  3. WP provides you with an extended scope of customization. You can customize settings according to your business needs. For instance, Scheduling Settings- With this, you can create and save content in advance and then can schedule it for publishing on any date. You don’t need to remember the date of publishing as the content will automatically get published on the scheduled date. Also it allows for privacy settings. This setting allows you to choose the extent to which you want to share information. Not just this, you can add media files like image, audio, video etc. in our post. Sometimes, it becomes an indispensable requirement to add these media files. In WordPress, it is very easy and quick to add multi-media files.
  4. WordPress provides users as well as search engine friendly URLs. Your WP website is likely to be ranked higher in search engines. Higher rankings in search results means higher traffic to the website. Higher traffic means more hits by your customers. More customers, means more revenue.
  5. WP is basically interactive in nature. Like visitors can post comments, provide feedback, participate in the community etc. This is an amazing and cool CMS which has a range of plugins and extensions which would do half of your job of managing the WP site/blog and makes you stress free.

WordPress has proved to be a boon especially for the non-geeks. It has made the task of managing the websites very easy. But you need to be careful while hiring WordPress solutions provider. Discuss all your business requirements with them on the first place and then see if they can deliver you the same.

At Garve Technologies we have expertise to work on WordPress Platform. We can provide you end to end solution for the WordPress. We also have special skill set to convert your PSD’s to WordPress Templates.  Please contact us for details.