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Google Releases Most Challenging Browser: Google Chrome Canary Build

Google has recently released an experimental web browser called Google Chrome Canary Build. The Canary Build is considered as the ultimate version of Google Chrome and most challenging web browser you have ever thought about. The new release is the result of Google’s concern of losing ground to other web browsers.

Technically too, Google Chrome had to be upgraded to overcome its elongated feedback speed and weekly release cycle for the Dev version.

As part of Google’s continuous efforts in making their web browser more intelligent and smart, they had started an open-source project called the Chromium Project. Google’s developers used the project platform amalgamated with the Chrome Dev channel to develop the new Google Chrome Canary Build. The new release is expected to gain momentum in delivering fast feedback to the Chrome team so that they can iterate the world’s third most admired browser in real time manner.

While advocating necessity and connotation of the new launch, Henry Bridge, Product Manager, says in the chromium blog: “We plan to update the Canary Build more frequently than the Dev channel, with riskier changes, and usually without a human being ever verifying that it works, so the Canary Build is only for users who want to help test Google Chrome and are comfortable using a highly unstable browser that will often break entirely.”

Major limitation of the ultimate Chrome is that it does not presently support any other operating system other than Windows. If you work on Windows and love to play with risky innovations, Google Chrome Canary Build is for you. Try the build keeping in mind that it may crash at any time without even notifying you and send your valuable feedback to Google and us as well to let the build come cool!

Download Google Chrome Canary


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Firefox joins Chrome in plugin crash protection

Yesterday Mozilla released a new Firefox 3.6 point release including regular stability fixes and a plugin crash protection system that was originally planned for Firefox 3.7.

The crash protection isolates plugins in their own process, meaning that a plugin will not bring down the entire browser when it crashes or freezes. Mozilla states that one of three browser crashes are caused by third-party plugins.

Currently only Linux and Windows include the crash protection, Mac users will have to wait for Firefox 4 planned to be released later this year. This is a fantastic addition in a point release!