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Effective Content Writing for SEO

Effective content writing is much more than stuffing keywords in the content; rather it’s an art of online communication that eventually plays a crucial role in controlling the pulse of an online business. In the present scenario, when the web is brimming with already existing information, one needs to create the right information for the right audience and definitely in the right way. The fact remains that websites get paid only when audiences actually reach them, making it obligatory to generate content that is based on SEO rules and regulations. Therefore, priority is shifted from quantity content to quality SEO content that effectively strike the right cord. While content can be anything from articles, blogs, web content, newsletters, blogs, and press releases, the rules of writing effective content for SEO fairly revolves around definite tactics.  The best approach is to rethink it from the reader’s point of view.

five rules for effective content writing for SEO


Following are the five rules for effective content writing for SEO:

Quality content – We write content for general customers who are on internet seeking some information. Therefore, content should be formulated in a way that satiates the need for information among the audiences. Conversational tone and information-rich content only earn authenticity in the eyes of readers. An ideal length of the content can be kept between 500 and 700 words. If the content fails to convey effective and useful information to the readers, it is likely to drop in ranking.

Incorporating questions in the text – Users often type questions or queries in the form of search phrase into the search box, for e.g. – what is the best way to earn money online? So the rule is to include question in the body of the text, or in the article title, so that when a user searches with a question, it becomes visible in the website into your text.

Back linking – This is another effective strategy to draw readers to the website and gather traffic. The trick is to link own or outside content in relevant areas of the text, so that readers are indirectly directed to other contents of the website. It’s a good strategy to draw traffic to the website, but overdoing is absolutely not recommended. Cluttering the text with too many links makes it illegible and unnatural.

Adding specific text – Adding specific text helps the site rank higher. If the keywords are “Facebook privacy”, then probably the website will land up in the last page of the search results. Adding specific details, such as “Facebook lists to control user privacy,” may increase the chances of visibility in the search engines.

Spinning the keywords – The trick is to spin the keywords as many times as possible. Instead of only overloading your content with the same key word, use phrases to mimic different search queries.  For e.g. – if your keyword is “android phones”, the best approach would be to phrase it in ways such as – “best android phones”, “advantages of android phones”, “popularity of android phones in present scenario” etc.

As you see, it is not really difficult to create something that will boost the website to the next level. Creating loads and loads of content will not help. You do not need to be highly creative in writing to succeed in SEO. You just need to pen some unique ideas every million words. So, it is always better to hold the horses and spend some time on refining and processing an article so that it meets the SEO, derive traffic as well as helps the site rank well. The success lies in balancing reader-friendly writing with SEO writing.