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Commonly used Tools – used by PHP Developers

One of the most interesting scripting languages as opined by the community of PHP developer in India is PHP. However what makes the language so easy and interesting is its ability to allow PHP developers create web applications with many different features. Here it is also important to note that using PHP efficiently would not have been possible without PHP tools.
So which are these tools which a PHP developer in India uses to develop optimum web applications? PHP tools are divided into different categories like tools for image manipulation and graphs, testing and optimization, version control systems, documentation, Firefox add-ons, In-browser tools, security tool, Frameworks, IDEs and editors, Debugging and code beautifier.

Webgrind: It is a debugging tool developed by Joakim Nygård and Jacob Oettinger. Webgrind installs in a few seconds and is cross platform compatible. A PHP developer in India needs to download it into the browser to start using it.

PHP/SWF Charts: It is an excellent PHP tool for image manipulation and graphs. Using this PHP developers can beautifully convert dynamic data into charts and graphs. To do this you need to transfer data from the databases through PHP scripts to the PHP/SWF charts.

Simpletest: PHP developers uses this tool for testing and optimization. It is called simple because its writers indeed thought that it made testing easier. You will find here a combination of features often seen in JUnit and PHPUnit.

Phing: It is a type of version control system used by PHP developers and its working is based on Apache Ant. There is nothing that the tool cannot do when compared to our very own traditional GNU. It features like XML build files, extensible PHP "task" classes and high flexibility make it very easy to use. PHP developers can do file transformations, run PHPUnit file system operations and CVS/SVN operations.

Minify: An excellent app for PHP5 is Minify. PHP developer in India can use it to combine multiple CSS, remove extra comments and whitespace as well as to serve gzip encoding and optimal client side cache headers. By using Minify one can easily develop a web site in compliance with Yahoo’s rules.

FirePHP: It makes it easy to enter data in Firebug. FirePHP helps a PHP developer to work smoothly without worrying about the error as it has the ability to change error, exceptionally handle fly and enter errors into the firebug console.

PHPEclipse: It is one of the best known PHP open source code editors and runs on probably all major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It has the ability of code folding, giving hover-over tool tips and syntax highlighting. The best part is that it supports DBG and XDebug.

PHP Frameworks: There are many framework known for its high performance among PHP developers. Many developers Use Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend, Yii, and CakePHP. It efficiently backs caching, MVC, I18N/L10N, DAO/ActiveRecord, jQuery-based AJAX support and authentication. PHP developer can use it for developing role based access control, input validation, scaffolding, events, Web services and theming.

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