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Information Architecture Design: Optimizing the Usability of a Website

Designing and developing a basic, simple and small website is a simple job. However, the process can be complex when you develop an extensive and complex website. There are so many pages to be developed and/ or designed. And these pages are filled with not only the text but also images, videos, games and animations and other multimedia elements etc. Moreover, these websites run with multiple and complex applications. Hence the entire website design and development process can be minute. And a very important aspect of this entire process is information architecture design. It refers to scientifically structuring the information of your website so that users can enjoy ready and easy access to all types of information on your website. Information structuring thus aims at optimizing the usability of a website from the publisher as well as users point of view.

A web information architect’s job is not technical but it requires a scientific process to execute the job. He collects all the information and organized them into categories for which an interface is created. And he is also responsible for prioritizing the information based on value and significance. And this is gain decided by assessing the requirements of your target users. And the nature of the online users is such that they want the information readily presented and hate investing time and effort in searching for information they are looking for in a website. A user-friendly site always attracts visitors whereas those sites which are haphazardly structured are not revisited. An information architect also works in close association with the site designers and the developers.

Many web based companies offer information structuring services. They may also offer related services such as development of personal information management applications. A personal information management program comes across as a utility tool to manage, track, and record business and personal information including meetings, e-mail communication, voice mail, RSS feed, anniversaries etc. Coming back to information architecture services, your requirements can also be outsourced. Many companies in India serve international clients with such services and also offer their services at a much cheaper rate. So as Garve Technologies has a dedicated team for the Information Architecture Design.