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CAPSEC – Company Secretory – New Product

The word ‘Company’ is an amalgamation of the Latin word ‘Com’ meaning “with or together” and ‘Pains’ meaning “bread”. Originally, it referred to a group of persons who took their meals together. A company is nothing but a group of persons who have come together or who have contributed money for some common person and who have incorporated themselves into a distinct legal entity in the form of a company for that purpose. Under Halsbury’s Laws of England, the term “Company” has been defined as a collection of many individuals united into one body under special domination, having perpetual succession under an artificial form and vested by the policies of law with the capacity of acting in several respect as an individual, particularly for taking and granting of property, for contracting obligation and for suing and being sued, for enjoying privileges and immunities in common and exercising a variety of political rights, more or less extensive, according to the design of its institution or the powers upon it, either at the time of its creation or at any subsequent period of its existence. However, the Supreme Court of India has held in the case of State Trading Corporation of India v/s CTO that a company cannot have the status of a citizen under the Constitution of India.

On incorporation under law, a company becomes a separate legal entity as compared to its members. The company is different and distinct from its members in law. It has its own name and its own seal, its assets and liabilities are separate and distinct from those of its members. It is capable of owning property, incurring debt, and borrowing money, having a bank account, employing people, entering into contracts and suing and being sued separately.

Statutory Requirements

Indian companies are governed by Companies Act 1956 and company has to comply with various statutory provisions as per different sections of Companies Act 1956. Services offered by us include:

  • Incorporation of company
  • Filing of documents with Registrar of Companies
  • Conducting Statutory Audit at the year end.
  • Assistance in drafting Director’s Report covering statutory points to be covered.
  • Assistance covering Annual General Meeting and Statutory Compliance thereof.
  • Statutory provisions relating to various meetings like Board Meetings, Statutory Meetings, their due dates and documents to be filed with Registrar of Companies.
  • Consultancy for other different provisions as applicable to company.

CAPSEC offers a specially designed Web base software application to meet the needs of Companies, Company Secretaries and those professionals responsible for corporate and company secretarial compliance work. It offers Internet-based products that are database independent for maximum scalability. Full multi-procedural support means that the users can automatically produce the right statutory paperwork, Statutory Records, Registers.

CAPSEC is the first Indian Corporate Secretarial Portal to offer a completely new “born on the web” application, giving users in global institutions the ability to perform their compliance work in a multi- national, multi-office environment, by simply using a web browser and the Internet.

A unique Incorporation module allows for both ‘paper-based’ and ‘electronic’ incorporations, where as all other functional modules offers a unique platform to navigate thru the procedures related to an Event that has to happen on a “Real Time Chronological Order”. The development of the software solutions as an ongoing quest to deliver new features and functionality that really make a difference to the users, injecting even more versatility and user-friendliness into the Portal as the technology to do so improves.

For some users, the SAAS model (Software As A Service) whereby, all of the applications are hosted and the users simply access their secure data over the Internet, on a per-company basis, may well offer a more suitable method of working and ensuring maximum ‘up’ time of software applications.

Harnessing the latest information technology has to offer, CAPSEC “Smart Online Company Secretary” puts the user firmly in control of their company secretarial data.

As an outcome of paneled secretarial professionals, CAPSEC has been able to develop this Corporate and Personal Secretarial package to meet the needs of today’s busy company secretary and Management.CAPSEC offers more than just statutory form production and seamlessly with word processor and e-mail system to provide a complete workflow solution. Add to that, extensive diary facilities, on-screen editing for documentation, user-definable screens and fields, makes CAPSEC really a “the next generation of Corporate secretarial Application Portal”.

A central corporate database

At the heart of the CAPSEC is a fast, powerful database, storing and protecting the information for the organization. Full details for each of the companies are recorded, making it easy to retrieve any data that is needed. As any of this information is changed CAPSEC automatically generates all of the relevant paperwork, including minutes and resolutions, in your word processor. There is no need to import or export information and all forms are ready to view on- screen. Also able to work with Microsoft SQL Server, the system has been specially designed to keep processing time to a minimum for larger organizations. A comprehensive range of registers is maintained on the system and your historical information is retained to form a traceable audit-trail. One can quickly generate a selection of standard reports, which can be easily customized using your word processor to meet your individual requirements.

Intuitive and easy to use

It is a system that everyone in the department will find easy to use and quick to learn. It is as intuitive as possible, with Wizards to take the user through procedural transactions step-by-step. Even if the user wants to perform a procedural transaction that have never done before, or even if he is new to the system, it could not be easier. Select the transaction, answer the questions presented on-screen and that is it; all of your paperwork is produced in your word processor for you and the transaction is completed.

Professional documentation in a variety of formats

All documents are generated automatically, in a logical progression, and are then available to distribute in a variety of formats. Seamless links to your Windows word processing package ensure that your documentation can be added to and edited without the frustration of moving between different systems and you can set up user-definable templates. CAPSEC Company Secretary allows you to e-mail forms, registers and reports to colleagues and directors. It also lets you preview all documentation, including forms, before printing, so you can check for any errors. Each company stores a record of all associated documents, each with its own unique number, allowing you to easily retrieve and view historical paperwork.

Feature List

  • Multi Configurable Company Level, Procedure Level and Output Level.
  • Multi Company, Multi User Log In, Multiple Document simultaneously
  • Active Company and Active User Concept.
  • Interact with Users thru Email, SMS
  • Maintains Library of Reference Documents and Generated Documents of The Logged/Active Company such as MAA, Agreements etc and can make them interactive for Validations.
  • Conducts Meeting, Task and Procedure on a Real Time Format or other options. Library of Templates for Ready Resolutions and Notices that can be inserted and Edited any time during the Task Procedures
  • Generates Output in the form of statutory records and Registers.
  • Generates Filing Forms those can interact with Statutory Forms downloaded from MCA Portal to migrate the Data.
  • Generates Pending Task List and Prompting to complete them.
    Maintains Compliance Diary and Auto Compliance Audit
  • Send Alerts and Warning pertaining to Forth Coming Events, Statutory Filing requirements, Pending Task, Compliance Default, Compliance Audit Alerts.
  • Library of The Acts in searchable format.
    References thru special arrangement with other Portal to provide low cost search, Store and print for SC and HC cases and orders.
  • Statutory Certifications, Opinions, Advises, Representations
  • Opportunities to Professional – CA, CS, Cost Accountants, Advocates to widen their activity and earning on sharing basis.
  • Opportunities to Data Managers, Channel Partners to support Back Office Processes such as Bulk Prints out, Dispatches, Record Keeping, Data Migration, Data Entry, Data warehouses etc


CAPSEC is an Online Corporate and Personal Secretary available for Any User, Anywhere, Anytime.
CAPSEC provides an intelligent and authentic platform to organize Activities, Records Secretarial Affairs of the Company in accordance to The Indian Companies Act, 1956 and other allied Corporate Statutes. Reduces chances of defaults and subsequent prosecutions

CAPSEC provides a multi task, multi layer, multi company, multi user, multi document and Database Driven environment on Logged Entity, Logged Users, Open Documents and Active Company/ user/ document concept, to facilitate the User to work on a secured and friendly manner.

CAPSEC Plans to come out with future version to manage other function requirements such as Excise, Factory Act, VAT, EXPORT, IMPORT etc

CAPSEC is a functional Platform to facilitate Company secretarial task management by the competent user in accordance to The Indian Companies Act.


Document Management System (DMS) – New Product

Document Management System (DMS)

The Document Imaging Software is powerful document capture application software that will be used to convert documents into electronic images. You can conevrt/scan files like S Word, MS Excel, PDF, JPEG, etc to image. This flexible solution provides the automation and intelligence to help CUSTOMER capture information efficiently and accurately and make it easily accessible through the CUSTOMER’s.

The Document Imaging Software should provide automated scanning and indexing. It must include a wide range of advanced features and functions that make it easy to transform the news paper into information.

Some of the features as below:

  • Easy to convert documents in to Electronic images. You can scan MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, JPEG, etc type of files.
  • Easy way to storage and manage scanned paper documents
  • Sharing documents to other selected users of the system
  • Collaboration on a document with other users
  • Searching, organizing into folders, labeling of the documents
  • Downloading scanned and OCR-ed documents
  • Multi-User / Multi client: Users can share and access documents. users have their own Private Folders which cannot be accessed by others.
  • Central repository: You can store all the document at central repository.

Sneak preview

Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS)